The COVID-19 pandemic has made many business actors, including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), survive with various “bullets”. Last year’s fast and precise adaptation continues, it could even be renewed in 2021, given that the global health crisis is not over yet.

Then, what insights can help direct the MSME business strategy this year? The technology-based multi-service platform, Gojek, noted a number of points that could be considered in developing MSME businesses in 2021 based on their internal data.

“We continue to encourage them (SME players) to go digital because consumer preferences will increase to shop in the digital realm. This (online shopping) will be permanent, even post-pandemic,” said Shinto Nugroho, Chief of Public Policy and Gojek. Government Relations, in a virtual press conference.

So, Shinto continued, the indicator is no longer how big the store is, but what products and services can be provided. “Therefore, Gojek continues to provide comprehensive solutions, both technologically and financially non-technology, to encourage the efforts of MSME business actors,” he continued.

Furthermore, Gojek’s Head of Merchant Platform Business, Novi Tandjung, outlined at least seven notes so that MSME actors are empowered throughout 2021. “This year, including in Gojek, there is still a lot of homework to be done. However, among them there are also opportunities for growth. , ”he said.

1. Understanding Business Movements in 2021

As an initial illustration, Novi explained, home-based businesses dominated MSMEs last year. Of these categories, the culinary business is the most common. “Foods and services that are in demand are coffee, chicken, laundry, and fruit,” said Novi.

From the data entered, his party predicts that culinary tenants in 2021 will be dominated by dessert boxes, Milo-based menus, and rice bowls. “This rice bowl is possible because it is practical and cheaper,” he continued.

2. Choose the Most Favorite Discount Type

Discounts are considered a marketing strategy that is still effective. However, Novi said, what should be noted is what kind of discount is effective in attracting customers, considering that this type of promotion can be very diverse.

The most popular are merchandise discounts, followed by shipping promos, and finally, discounts on a certain amount of shopping.

“Social media is a sales channel for many SMEs. Gojek itself has provided a feature to easily share products on social media to maximize sales,” explained Novi.

3. Business Efficiency with Online Assistant

“With various promotional channels, it is effective to reach more consumers. But, without realizing it, it also becomes an operational burden, “said Novi. Therefore, he suggested using the services of an online assistant.

“There are tools (online assistants from Gojek) that have been previously designed (his name is Selly), and are very relevant today,” Novi said, adding that the faster customer questions were answered, the smoother the transaction would be.

4. Expand the Choice of Payment Methods

Andrina Effendi, business owner of Batik Nayara, said that limited payment methods are a challenge when running most of their business operations online. “However, on the other hand, we are also aware that switching to digital is a strategy to survive,” he said on the same occasion.

He also takes advantage of the various payment methods offered by Gojek, including through credit cards, to meet customer demands. “It turns out that quite a lot of Nayara Batik’s customers make transactions with credit cards,” he said.

The convenience of expanding payment methods is also felt by the owner of the Claypot Popo culinary business, Florencia Calista, who claims to be helped by the QR code feature from GoPay. “In addition to making customers more comfortable because there is no card exchange, this also helps businesses track expenses. Moreover, the funds are directly connected to the registered account,” he said.

5. Modern Solutions for Business Logistics

“The increase in demand for GoSend services by up to 90 percent during the pandemic is the current reference,” said Novi. Food, he continued, was the most frequently shipped item in that period, and is predicted to continue in 2021.

6. Combination of Online and Offline Business

For one or two reasons, said Novi, there are partners who still decide to open offline outlets, one of which is Claypot Popo. Flo explained, from the beginning his party did offer the sensation of eating in a place with food and atmosphere in that place.

In combination, said Flo, they take advantage of the pick up feature from GoFood. “So how to maintain its authenticity by adjusting it using Gojek’s assistance so that customers can still enjoy our products,” he said.

7. Training and Networking

“Does not rule out networking. That way, (SME players) can get the latest information to survive during the pandemic, “said Novi, adding that her party will continue to hold trainings for MSME actors.



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