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What are the advantages of a Canon printer?

Canon is known for its versatility, all-in-one printers. These printers are fun to use and are very reliable. They offer a wide range of features that make them stand out from other printers. Canon has designed printers cloud loan that let you connect to your cloud storage and efficient print files. Canon printers come with multifunctional devices that enhance productivity. You can proactively monitor printer functions using various printer management software designed for computers. Some of these programs are beginning IJ Canon, Canon IJ Scan Utility Printer Utility Canon, Canon IJ Network Tool, Canon Scanner Selector EX network, etc. Keep reading to know the interesting features of these tools and software.

Canon Support

IJ Start Canon

IJ Start Canon Utilities

IJ Scan Utility or IJ Printer Utility is an application developed by Canon for the print job / easy scanning. The IJ Scan Utility lets you scan photos and documents on your computer operating on Windows or Mac. The utility automatically saves the scanned data to a predefined folder and allows you to browse the folders on your computer, extract the text documents, and attach files to an email.

Canon IJ Start Setup Guide

IJ Start Canon Setup Can Be Very Easy To Do. However, in some Canon IJ Start Canon Setup series printers differ in their application. If you cannot do it yourself, please contact a technician at your place.

The First Step

Once you start the utility, displaying the name of the above products. Make sure the printer or scanner that is actually shown. You can change the name of the product. If you use a printer connected to a network, choose the device that is named with NETWORK.

Step Two

Auto feature allows you to perform a quick scan and save scanned data to computer.Choose between Photo and Document icons depending on what you want to scan.

Third Step

Stitch option can be used when you are going to scan images larger than the plate. The right and left of the image to be scanned separately and then combined to form the original image.

Step Four

Using the Scan menu Gear, you can make changes to the settings settings.The scan feature will help you define the settings for a specific scan job you are doing.

What is Canon IJ Network Scan Utility ?

The Canon IJ Network Scan Utility program allows you to configure network settings for network printer supports Canon IJ Start. You can connect the printer to a network after completing the installation process start Canon IJ, sharing between different computers and scanned images to a computer. It should be noted that although the printer can be shared by multiple computers, multiple users can not scan the same time. Furthermore, the scanning time through a network is more compared to scanning via USB.

Starting Up IJ Network Device Setup Utility

Start up IJ Network Device Setup Utility as shown below.

When you start up IJ Network Device Setup Utility, it searches for printers on network and detected printers are listed.

Canon IJ Scan Utility

The Canon IJ Scan Utility has the automatic scan function which enables the printer or scanner to automatically detect the type of item placed on the exposure glass or the ADF and scan accordingly.

IJ Start Canon Setup

Make sure the printer or scanner is activated and in state.Place prepared the document on the platen. Make sure the print side of the document face plate.

Open the Canon IJ Scan Utility and click on the Settings tab. Select Settings (Auto Scan) option to specify the folder where you want to save the scanned data.

Return to the home screen and select IJ Scan Utility Auto icon selection. Printer or scanner will start scanning your document.

Scanned images are automatically saved in a folder.

Download IJ Scan Utility For Windows

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Download IJ Scan Utility For Mac OS

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