Epson L3150 Review and Specification

Epson L3150 Review and Specification For Home Use and Smart Printing – Epson so far is known as one of the reliable printer manufacturers. Currently, perhaps, you are in confusion to choose a printer product based on the Japanese company of Ink Tank. Well, there is one Ink Tank printer that is recommended for you, namely Epson L3150.

There are several reasons to glance at Epson L3150. Besides saving because using Ink Tank, Epson L3150 is also equipped with WiFi connection. So, you can order Epson L3150 to print documents or photos via smartphone or remotely!

Well, besides, what else is the advantage of the Epson Ink Tank Printer L3150? What is the Epson L3150 specification?

Have an attractive and concise design

Epson L3150 Review (1)
Epson L3150 Review

Ink tanks or ink containers in the Epson L series are usually placed on the side or side. It makes the device wider. As a result, you need space big enough to put this printer on the table.

Learning from the problem, Epson made an interesting change in L3150. Ink tanks are now integrated or integrated in the front of the printer. Therefore, there is no need for a large space to put this Epson L3150 Ink Tank Printer.

The Printer has a dimension (WxDxH) of 375 x 347 x 179 mm weighing just 3.9 kg.


The Epson L3150 price is quite high. You can buy Ink Tank Printer products for about RP2, 7 million.

Even so, the price you have to pay is actually not too big. Because the price of ink is not very expensive product. Moreover, one bottle of ink is enough for thousands of sheets.

According to Epson claims, one black ink bottle can be used to print 4,500 documents. Meanwhile, for color inks consisting of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (three separate bottles), it can be used to print 7,500 pages of color documents. This Printer itself does embrace the CMYK color system.

Oh Yes, Ink price or printer ink is about Rp 78.000 per bottle. You need four ink bottles consisting of previously mentioned colors. The more powerful, if you run out of black, for example, you only need to spend money to buy one bottle of ink.

The ink Tank itself is able to accommodate more ink than the cartridge type. In other words, you can save money on buying ink.

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High print speed

Epson L3150 is able to print documents quickly. In one minute, he can print 33 sheets of A4 sized documents in black. Meanwhile, for color, the Epson L3150 can print as much as 15 pages per minute.

For ISO, this printer can print 10 IPM for black color and 5 IPM for colorful. The Printer itself has a print capability with resolutions up to 5,760 X 1,440 dpi.

This print speed can be slightly increased when the document is printed in draft mode. Non-official correspondence or documents that are only used for their own purposes are recommended to be printed in draft mode because in addition to faster, also more efficient ink.


Epson L3150 can not only be asked to print documents. It has two additional functions that make it a multifunctional printer.

Epson L3150 is equipped with the ability to scan documents in the scanner function and also duplicate the document (photocopy). The maximum area that can be scanned by a scanner in the Epson L3150 is 216 x 297 mm.


As has been expressed at the beginning of the article, the Epson Ink Tank L3150 is equipped with WiFi capability. By using the app that can be installed on your smartphone, you can print documents or photos remotely.

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