Download WA GB (WhatsApp GB ) Pro Mod Full Version

Download WA GB Pro Mod Full Version and Mod Theme 2021


Download WA GB Pro Apk Full Version – WhatsApp is a chat application of choice for every sophisticated smartphone user to communicate. Users can send text messages, photos/pictures and videos easily, even though they are different distances & countries.

Carrying a very simple appearance & its use is so simple, it allows the WA application to be used by everyone. So it’s not strange, the WhatsApp application has been installed by Android and iOS users in the world.

Since the WhatsApp application is known by everyone in this world. The WhatsApp application now comes with various types and versions, one of which is the modified version or known as the mod apk version.

Whatsapp mod apk version which is no less famous than the original wa, namely GB WhatsApp. GB WA itself is one of the most popular modified versions of whatsapp among other wa mods.

The article is, WhatsApp GB has unlocked all the features that are locked in the regular WA application. In fact, GB WA added premium features that official WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Thus, it is appropriate for the WhatsApp GB application to be hunted by all Android/iOS users. Especially for those who want to get new features in the WhatsApp application.

For users who don’t know in full about the GB WhatsApp Pro APK Mod Latest Version anti-banned, you need to follow the full review below.

About GB WhatsApp ( WA GB )

GB WhatsApp or known as GB WA is a WhatsApp application versus mod apk. One of the reliable modders modifies ordinary WhatsApp by including additional premium features, so WhatsApp GB is here.

In terms of using the GB WA application, there is no significant difference with the use of the official WhatsApp application. However, users are given more advanced features when using the pro or modified version.

Not only that, all the features added to WhatsApp GB can be directly used or utilized for free. The main advantage of the modified version is the theme feature.

Generally, the official WhatsApp application only applies a monotonous look or theme. Since the beginning, the display theme applied to the wa application has not changed.

So that users find a point of boredom and saturation, when using it because the theme is always the same.

If you want to find a different display theme, please download the GB wa pro apk mod from the official developer. Because, you will be presented with advanced features that the usual WhatsApp application does not necessarily have.

Besides having added a variety of premium features, you can download the GB WhatsApp application without paying. It’s the same when you download the official whatsapp through the play store.

So that curiosity about the premium features of the GB WA pro apk is cured, please read carefully about the review of features in the following GB WhatsApp version of WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Pro Features

One of the main reasons for an application to become popular and preferred is the availability of free premium features. The more premium features provided, the more users will be interested and want to try the application.

Coincidentally, GB WhatsApp has all the premium features you’ve ever wanted. Interestingly, every premium feature available in this wa mod can be used directly without having to pay first.

Usually, access to all premium features of an application requires a license first. But it’s a different story if you use the mod apk version of the application, everything can be enjoyed immediately without buying a license first.

That’s the advantage that you will get if you use the modified version of the application. So it’s not strange, whatsapp mod applications starting from GB WhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus, WhatsApp Aero, YoWhatsApp are always favored by all android and iOS users.

In the review below, we have summarized some of the premium features of the GB WhatsApp GB Pro Mod Apk. So, please read carefully the summary until the end.

1. Display Theme

This premium feature is the main attraction for GB WA in the eyes of Android & iOS users. Especially in the eyes of official whatsapp users, because official whatsapp does not have this one premium feature.

The main reason for official WhatsApp users to switch to WA Mod is because of the premium features that provide a choice of attractive themes for more than 300 models and types. That way, users will always see a different display every day in the GB WA application.

All the display themes provided by GB WhatsApp pro can be selected by users and apply them for free.

2. Send Automated Messages

One of the advanced features that the WA GB mod has is that it can send wa messages automatically that have been previously scheduled. Create a schedule for sending text messages, pictures / photos and video messages, messages will be sent automatically according to the schedule you created.

If you use official WhatsApp, this one feature will not be able to be found by users. Because, this feature is only reserved and owned by WhatsApp which has been modified.

3. Anti Banned

Almost all applications that have been modified by reliable modders will add an anti-ban feature so that users are much safer & more comfortable when using the application.

Including GB WA, a modified version of the WhatsApp application, users no longer need to worry or worry when operating it. Because, WA GB has been equipped with an anti-ban feature by the modder.

Even though it has been equipped with an anti-ban feature, we always recommend all users to always be wise in using it.

4. Anti Delete Messages

Have you ever received a wa message from a friend or girlfriend, but the contents of the message cannot be read because it has been deleted again by the sender. Usually things like this make you curious about the contents of the message.

But it’s useless if you are curious about the contents of the message, if you use the usual wa application. But it’s different when you use a modified version or wa mod.

You can see and read deleted messages again, because WA GB has an anti-delete message feature. The main function of this advanced feature is that it can read messages that have been deleted/retracted by the sender.

5. Private Number

Another advantage of using GB Whatsapp is that you can send wa messages in text, photo or video format without knowing the sender’s number. This term is commonly known as Private Number / Hidden Number.

That way, users can send messages without having to save their cellphone number first.

6. Flight/Airplane Mode

The next advantage of using GB WhatsApp is that there is a special flight/airplane mode feature for the application. In essence, the airplane mode that GB WA has is different from the airplane mode on your cellphone.

In this chat application, you will be presented with the WA GB airplane mode feature. The airplane mode feature in this application is different from the airplane mode feature available on your device.

If airplane mode on your mobile device is activated, all mobile apps & services will automatically be disabled. Now for the GB WA airplane mode, when activated only the application is disabled.

7. Download WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp is a social media application for messaging, but it is not only used to send messages. Users can also create status/snap videos or photos like on Instagram and Facebook.

You and other wa users can create and view each other’s uploaded status/snaps. However, users cannot download other people’s wa status, if using the official version of wa.

Sometimes you feel attracted to one of the other people’s snaps, and want to have it. Therefore, the GB WA developer provides the whatsapp status download feature.

That way, users can retrieve and download other people’s wa statuses without difficulty.

8. Send Large Files

In the normal WhatsApp application, users are not free to send large files for photo/image or video formats because they are limited. But if you use the mod version, you can freely send photo & video files even though the file size is quite large.

Because, another advantage of GB WA is that it provides a free feature to send jumbo files in one message. This is one of the advantages that you will never get on official WhatsApp.

9. Font Style Variations

Interestingly, you can freely choose various types of fonts that are very interesting according to your individual wishes.

Not only that, you can also send text in bold, italic, underlined to colorful. Of course this will beautify the writing of the message you send to other users.

10. Dual Account Support

Everyone certainly has their own needs and activities, as well as using the WhatsApp chat application.

Some people have one whatsapp account may not be enough, so many of them create two accounts on one mobile phone.

The use of GB WhatsApp pro apk on this one can be an alternative, because it is able to create two whtasaap accounts at once.

11. Online Status Hidden

When opening the WhtasApp application, maybe some people want to hide their online status for privacy or other reasons.

This is very easy to do when using GB WA, which has support for removing or hiding online status.

12. Blue tick is hidden

An alternative way to open a message without the sender knowing is nothing but hiding the two blue ticks on the short message application used.

You can apply it to the use of GB WA pro apk right now very easily and quickly.

Actually, there are many other premium features that GB WhatsApp Pro APK has. To find out more details, please download the application below for free.

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Download WA GB Pro Apk Latest Mod 2021

It is common knowledge that all mod apk versions will not be provided or provided by the official Play Store or App Store stores. Then, how to download GB WA Apk how?

Don’t worry, users can easily download the GB wa pro apk mod here, because our team has prepared the link for free on both Android and iOS phones.

But before carrying out the download process, you should first make sure the data/wifi connection used is stable. This is so that the download process can run smoothly without any problems.

Name GB WhatsApp
Size 39MB
Version Latest Version
Operating System Android 4.4+
Developer GB Mods
Download Link Download


How to Install WA GB / GB WhatsApp Pro Apk

In order for the WA mod application to be used properly, the user must carry out the installation process correctly. Because GB WA comes from a third party, the way to install it is a little different.

That is why, we will provide a good and correct way to install GB WA, so that users can install it without difficulty. Here are the steps:

  • Please look for the link from the GB WhatsApp Apk that we provided above.
  • Then press the link so that the download process can begin.
  • Before stepping on the install process, it’s a good idea to go to Android Settings.
  • You will see several menu options, look for the Security menu.
  • If you have seen the Unknown Sources option, please
  • Check / Check the option.
  • You have allowed the installation from Unknown Sources, now look for the WA Mod file.
  • Select File Manager in Settings.
  • Please enter in Download or Download.
  • press the GB WA file then select it and click Install.
  • The install process will take -/+ 1 minute, please wait.
  • If it has been successfully installed, tap to open it.
  • Done and good luck.

How to use GB WA is almost the same as the first time you use the official WhatsApp application. All that is needed is to enter an active cellphone number, put a picture on the profile photo and create a name/username.


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