5 Best Epson Printer in 2020 You Must Buy For Business or Personal Use – The Epson Printer are a very important tool in the printing world. Therefore, many companies produce printers. So the printer has many trademarks. For now the brand of printers is quite popular and well known, namely Epson printers. Besides brand printers also have different types. In this article will provide a recommendation 5 printers output from Epson. One is a laser printer. Laser printers are a type of printer that uses light diode technology to print.

This type of laser printer is usually often chosen because it is more economical (more efficient) than a printer that uses ink. Therefore Epson printers may be one of the best options

1. Epson Workforce Al-M8100DN

 Epson AL-M8100dn Review
Epson AL-M8100dn Review

One of the best types of Epson laser printers is the Epson Al-M8100DN. This one Epson printer capable of printing paper reaches A3 size. In addition, printing results also have good quality. In addition the print speed of this printer is also included very quickly reaching 40 PPM (Page per minute).

The print results are of good quality and high speed is due to Epson Laser Al-M8100DN using Dual Processor. This processor has a frequency of 600 MHZ and 1 GB of RAM. Moreover, the security of this printer is also quite secure. This is because it prints out the required password secret documents. Another advantage of this printer is that it can print up to 220,000 pages per month.

2. Epson Aculaser CX37DN

Epson Aculaser CX37DN
Epson Aculaser CX37DN

The Epson Aculaser CX37DN printer is priced around 1 million. The price is decent enough for this Epson printer. This is because although it is shaped like a copier that is only capable of printing black, but this printer has a variety of functions are quite a lot. Some of these functions include printing, scanning and copying. In addition, scan results can also be sent directly via email or using USB, FTP and MBS connections.

The Printer also has good printing results and a pretty high print speed of 24 PPM. Good for both color and black printing. The party from Epson also said that this type of Epson printer is capable of printing up to 120,000 pages per month.

3. Epson Workforce Al-M400DN

Epson Workforce Al-M400DN
Epson Workforce Al-M400DN

Epson Workforce Al-M400DN printers are usually used to boost office performance, not for printing business. This is because this printer is a type of laser printer with mono laser system. Where this printer can only be used to print black color only. Nevertheless, the printer with a price of about 19.2 million rupiah has a speed of 45 PPM. In addition, the durability is also quite high, where the printer is able to print up to 200,000 pieces per month.

The efficiency of the printer also increases with the use of toner. A set of original toner on this printer can be used to print up to 23,700 sheets of paper. So even though it has quite expensive price. But it is comparable to its excellent function and efficiency.

4. Epson Workforce Al-C300DN

Epson Workforce Al-C300DN
Epson Workforce Al-C300DN

Epson Workforce Al-C300DN printers have a pretty high resolution, i.e. reaching 1200 x 1200 dpi. Moreover the speed of this printer also includes high, reaching 31 PPM. Good for both color and black printing. So it is not wrong if the resolution and speed are the mainstay and the main focus of this printer.

This Printer is also able to easily print documents that have a wide variety of layouts. This is because the printer has a feature Print Job Arranger Lite that allows printing some work into one. In addition, the printer priced at 15.2 million, also has high security. This is because this printer has a feature password that can be used to print documents that are confidential.

5. Epson Aculaser C9300N

Epson Aculaser C9300N
Epson Aculaser C9300N

Among the other four printers, this Epson Aculaser C9300N printer becomes the most expensive printer. The Printer was priced at about 27.7 million rupiah. Although it has a fairly expensive price, but this price corresponds to the excellent printer capability.

This Printer has a resolution of 1,200 DPI. In addition, this printer is also capable of printing paper by reaching A3 paper size. The print speed of the printer is also quite good, which is 30 PPM.

Another advantage of this printer is that it is a fairly short period of time, which is about 16 seconds. While to print the first sheet takes 8.3 seconds (black) and 9.9 seconds (color). The Printer also has a wireless network and can receive commands directly from a smartphone, without a computer intermediary.

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